Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Enchantop Hair Extensions Topper

Who can wear Enchantop Hair Extensions Topper? Anyone!
  • Individuals with thin hair in the crown
  • Individual with bald spots in the crown
  • Individuals with female pattern baldness
  • Individuals who want more volume
  • Individuals who more thickness
  • Individuals who want to hide their dark roots or grey hair in between color touch ups

The Enchantop hair extensions topper is an excellent option for short, moderately thin to extremely thinning hair in the crown.  This topper is great for clients experiencing hair loss, female pattern baldness, or extremely thinning hair in the top of the head. 

This is also a great option for individual who have to have their color touched-up every 3-4 weeks. As a stylist I think this is too often to have color applied to the scalp. Since there is usually not enough natural regrowth in 3-4 weeks having your hair colored this often can cause over processing due to overlapping color on previously colored hair. Thus resulting in dry, damaged, brittle hair that can lead to breakage   The Enchantop allow you to conceal your "rooty" look. As soon as you apply it, you look as if you've just had your hair freshly highlighted. The Enchantop allows you to go longer between salon color services. 

Wear this amazing hair addition on the days that you don't shampoo your hair. Most women feel like their hair is to oily if they do not shampoo everyday. I am an advocate of the every other day or every 2-3 days shampooing regime. Shampooing the hair too often can create dry and unruly hair. Consequently, it also causes the scalp to become too oily.  Read my blog post about how to correct this problem Why is my hair so oily?

The Enchantop is made of 100% human hair and generally last 9-12 months with proper care. It can be curled, flat ironed, or styled like your natural hair and takes less than 3 minutes to apply. Once applied the hair looks as if it is growing from your scalp! Enchantop comes in 2 sizes, medium and large. Enchantop topper is attached with silicon lined no slip clips which allows it to stay securely in place all day long. 

                                                    Enchantop Hair Topper How To Video

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